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開 催 開催:メキシコシティUAM大学
会 場 メキシコシティUAM大学キャンパス
会 期 2009年2月2日〜23日


Hello to all:
It’s a pleasure to tell you that yesterday we had our opening event. Many people admired your design and were very aware of these situation.
We will be showing it for 3 weeks. In these university we have many students that from now will have a deep reflections of aids. Design authorities and me had the opportunity to have a brief speech of what we think and hope about aids in children and how we as Mexicans and Japanese could work together in these social design issues.
You were an example to all... Personally it was an honor for me to have these opportunity and hope we will continue for long time.
P.S If you wish photos (high resolution) separated or one in special let me
know please and I will send them to you.

Carlos Gonz_lez Manjarrez
Director CG Design

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