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OAC aims to increase awareness of the importance of the type of communication and creative approaches demanded by the new era. To this end, our task is to continually provide information to companies in order to stress its significance. The changes in the environment surrounding advertising planning and production should be gauged as quickly as possible, while support should be given to the management of member companies, personnel development, recruiting activities and the development of creative capabilities. As well, while contributing to the development of the industry, as a public corporation we will serve society in the transformation of the era.

OAC Activity Objectives
1. Appeal more broadly to society about the importance of communication and creativity.
2. Member companies shall be able to respond to changes of the times and new needs of society.
3. Make positive efforts to support member companies' development of creative capabilities, and to offer chances for development.
4. Offer necessary information to the management of member companies, and provide them with opportunities for exchange, while supporting both innovation and development.
5. In order to realize the quality talent scouts required by member companies, cooperation with educational institutions will help cultivate good personnel.
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